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Board of studies meeting to provide inputs in shaping chemical engineering curriculum.

Events Details

  • DATE :   Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • Time :   10:00 pm Onwards
  • DAY :   Saturday
  • VENUE :   Conference room MB 350

Board of studies meeting in department of chemical engineering will be held as per mention schedule.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • To Provide inputs in refining the syllabus for I  to IV  semester  B. E. for department of chemical engineering.
  • To refine the teaching scheme and syllabus for M.Tech chemical engineering.
  • To enlighten the audiences about the exposure in pharmaceuticals industries and share his valuable experience.

The event will be graced with the presence of following experts:

  • Dr. Deepak Jain - External expert from industry ( Director, Pharmaceuticals Science VMRD,Zoetis Pharmaceuticals Research Pvt.Ltd.)
  • Dr. R.B.Jadeja ( Dean, FOE, MEFGI)
  • Dr. R.L.Jhala(Dean, FOT, MEFGI)
  • Mr. Naresh Jadeja (Registar, MEFGI) 
  • Dr. Amarpreet Singh Arora (Head of Chemical Engineering Department, MEFGI)
  • Mr. Ashish Gulabani - Internal expert from other department (Head of ES Department, MEFGI)
  • Mr. Niravkumar Raykundaliya (Assistant Professor , Chemical Engineering Department)
  • Ms. Monali Chhatbar (Assistant Professor , Chemical Engineering Department)