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  • DATE :   Tuesday, February 22, 2022
  • TIME :   11:30 AM
  • DAY :   Tuesday
  • VENUE :   Bhadar-1 Reservoir

The average rainfall in the catchment area of Bhadar 1 reservoir is 654 mm. In winter the temperature varies between 40°C and 150C in different Parts of the region. May is the hottest month. Maximum temperature varies between 400C and 450C. At present, there are almost 12 completed structures, either reservoirs or weirs, in the Bhadar catchment. There is only one monitoring station for gauge discharge and sediment load analysis in this basin, which is near the mouth of the river in the plains of Rajkot district at Gondal. The total catchment area of the Bhadar basin is 7,094 square kilometers (2,739sqmi) It is impounded by three reservoirs, Bhadar-1 reservoir with a capacity of 238MCM (193,000acreft). According to Dayal et al; the basin is of seventh order and is of the dendritic pattern. The drainage density of the watershed indicates drainage texture is very coarse.

Prof. Bhavna Thummar paved the way for closer relations between two organizations and facilitated during the technical visit. Students of the 6th semester, Civil have participated in the technical visit to enhance technical knowledge and technologies under the subject Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering. Interaction at Drainage Gallery and real-time reservoir operation gaining reputation during the visit of structure. Schedule of technical visit and entire report is attached herewith.

Report on bhadar dam visit 22nd Feb 2022.pdf