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Messages Dean

Dear Students,
The challenges of modern times are not merely the deterrent problems but constant catalysts to create and evolve newer and innovative formulations, dishing out industrial and entrepreneurial solutions . Friends, the unexplored continent of knowledge has become assailable. At MEFGI the sincerity of purpose , strength of character and courage of conviction becomes the driving factor for all stake holders to match with the anatomy of infrastructure and our effective faculty team.

MEFGI poises to scale the frontier of knowledge and  fathom the depth of wisdom for benefits and harmony. We welcome you to a campus that will ignite your own inherent and latent creativity ; faculty team that will challenge you to think on your own and a physical infrastructure that is unique . Let the great journey of learning begin where you can make your dreams and aspirations reality.  


With best Wishes

Dr. Suneet Saxena
Dean, Faculty of Management

Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions