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Best engineering college in rajkotGetting awarded for the hard work done inspires a human being to perform better and keep the pace and ultimately takes him to the award of success. Apart from our efforts in creating a learning environment of global standards, MEFGI also tries to encourage the students for improving their scores by awarding the meritorious and nicely performing students with scholarships where the quantum of scholarships are subjected to the management’s discretion.

MEFGI is a premier educational institute that takes every possible step to encourage its student for better learning and skill development such that the students can excel in their careers and bring up a name for the institute. At MEFGI, a large number of students have proven their capabilities in academics, sports and other activities. MEFGI has always stood up with the hard working students who keep success as their only target. In order to encourage such students, MEFGI has introduced many scholarship schemes for the students who exhibit outstanding performances in various fields.

The schemes start right from the admission and add up as the students shows good progress and shows his competency. Meritorious students are always awarded with high amount scholarships as a token of appreciation for their achievements. High scorers are offered rebates in their fees and are also awarded with cheques so that they can know the worth and importance of their hard work and get encouraged to keep up the pace and do something extraordinary that would bring more awards. Since its inception, MEFGI has awarded scholarships to a large number of students and many more schemes are under planning and will be introduced soon.