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Industry : Akrimota Thermal Power Plant (ATPS), Nani Chher, Lakhpat, Kutch, Gujrat

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  • DATE :   Tuesday, September 8, 2015
  • Time :   
  • DAY :   Tuesday
  • VENUE :   Lakhpat, Kutch, Gujrat

5th & 7th Semester Faculty of Technology (FOT-TE1, TE2) Students have visited the Akrimota Thermal Power Plant (ATPS), located at Nani Chher, Lakhpat, Kutch, Gujrat. The power plant has an installed capacity 250MW (2X125MW). It has two separate units each has 125MW generating capacity. ATPS is run by Gujrat state owned Gujrat Minerals Development Corporation (GMDC) and South Korean company KEPCO Plant Services.  The visit provided students a broad knowledge about thermal power generation, 220KV switchyard, 11KV/220KV power transformer, steam turbine, low pressure and high pressure steam turbine operation, sea water treatment plant, control room operation, lignite storage and ash handling plant.