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The Entrepreneurship Cell at MEFGI, popularly known as E-Cell, MEFGI, is an initiative of our highly motivated students and faculties who takes deep interest in entrepreneurial activity. The vision of the cell is to induce the entrepreneurship spirit among students and make them excited to start their own venture/enterprise.

Entrepreneurs with technical background like our students have amazing capability to innovate both on the technical and business fronts. E-Cell, MEFGI aims at fostering such capability and provides all possible support to convert their dreams and aspiration into reality. We are here to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future and also to drive-in the real sense of ‘entrepreneurship’ in those, who are new to this entrancing word

The cell itself is very young and is evolving every day, every minute. To meet its vision the cell has been organizing number of events like entrepreneurs interaction sessions, entrepreneurship awareness camp, lectures, workshops and demo days. We are very glad to see the early sign of the change in our student. Infact, on Feb 10, 2015 the cell organized its first student startup launch event for Rotodeal.com.

Validating our efforts, the number of students approaching us with their business ideas has grown quite significantly. This is a very welcome and encouraging change. Now, we are planning various workshops, speaker sessions, competitions and professional networking events for the coming semester.

We are very excited for this. Who knows, the next Dhirubhai is seating in one of our lecture hall or in lab waiting for being explored and establish his empire.


Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/ecellMEFGI

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Mehul Patel