iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development

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  • Course Duration130 Hours
  • Course Fees`3000(per level)

Course Features

  • To be able to understand the process of developing software for the mobile
  • To be able to create mobile applications on the iOS Platform


  • Object Oriented Fundamentals

Course Content

  • Introduction to iOS Platform
  • Introduction to XCode and Simulator
  • Swift and iOS Playground
  • Inside cocoa touch
  • Exploring Interface Builder
  • Model-View-Controller Application Design
  • Working with Text,
  • Handling images, animation, sliders and steppers
  • Using Advance Interface Object and Views
  • Getting the user’s attention
  • Implementing Multiple Scenes and Popovers
  • Choices with Toolbar and Pickers
  • Advanced Storyboards Using Navigation and Tab Bar Controllers
  • Navigating Information Using Table Views and Split View Controllers
  • Reading and Writing Application Data
  • Building Responsive User Interfaces
  • Using Advanced Touches and Gestures
  • Sensing orientation and Motion
  • Working with Rich Media
  • Interacting with Other iOS Device
  • Implementation Location Service
  • Building Background- Ready Application
  • Universal Applications and Size class
  • Application Tracing, Monitoring and Debugging

Career Opportunity/Skillset/Outcome

  • iOS/application developers
  • Mobile developers
  • Senior software engineer
  • Tech lead
  • iOS Developer