UML 2.0 & IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA)

Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.0 & IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA)

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Cloud Computing
  • Course Duration60 Hours
  • Course Fees`1500

Course Features

  • Understanding of why Visual Modeling is recognized as a common practice in successful software development projects.
  • Introducing the concepts of object-orientation, such as abstraction, encapsulation, classes and objects, followed by a thorough introduction to the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Practical exercises (on paper) explain the practical application of the modeling theory in a software project setting.
  • Use the UML for object-oriented analysis and design(OOAD)
  • Architect, design, and lead developers how to apply Rational Software Architect to perform model-driven development, apply patterns and perform model transformations, and develop software with Software Architect as part of development team.


  • Knowledge of software development, Basic concepts of Java

Course Content

  • Introduction to object technology
  • Principles of Visual Modeling
  • Concepts of object orientation
  • Use-Case Modeling
  • Interaction Diagrams
  • Class Diagrams
  • Other UML Diagrams
  • Getting started with RSA
  • Model structure and templates
  • Creating UML Diagrams
  • Creating UML Diagrams of System Structure
  • Creating UML Diagrams of System Behavior
  • Team Development
  • Applying patterns and transformations
  • Traceability
  • Static Analysis and Code Review

Career Opportunity/Skillset/Outcome

  • Software Architect
  • Software Analyst
  • IBM BPM process designer
  • Technical support associat
  • UML based object oriented software architect, design and development