Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Database Administration

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  • Course Duration80 Hours
  • Course Fees`1500

Course Features

  • Install, create and administrator oracle database
  • Configure the database for an application
  • Employ based monitoring procedures
  • Implement backup and recovery strategy
  • Move data between database and files


  • Should have knowledge about basic fundamentals of Database and Structured Query Language.

Course Content

  • Exploring the oracle database architecture
  • Installing oracle software(Windows & Linux OS)
  • Creating an oracle database using DBCA
  • Managing the database instance
  • Managing the ASM instance
  • Configuring the oracle network environment
  • Managing database storage structure
  • Administering user security
  • Managing data concurrency
  • Managing undo data
  • Implementing oracle database auditing
  • Database maintenance
  • Performance management
  • Backup and recovery concepts
  • Performing database backups
  • Performing database recovery
  • Moving data
  • Working with support

Career Opportunity/Skillset/Outcome

  • Database administration
  • Lead analyst
  • Product development
  • Software developer
  • Oracle database administrator
  • Oracle ebs
  • Oracle Database Administrator