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To contribute in improving living quality by developing responsible, technical skilled, creative and industry ready Electrical Engineers in the global context.


  • To provide pleasant learning environment, platform to strengthen the skills and expand the interest of graduates.
  • To develop individual research and thinking power to understand and solve society’s and industry’s problems related to electrical and electronics systems.
  • To encourage and provide support to be an entrepreneur by arranging idea sharing sessions with business mentors and motivating them to discover new opportunities including becoming Energy Auditor, Energy Manager and Consulting Engineer.
  • Inculcating attitudes, values, morals and vision that will prepare students for lifetime continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Demonstrate sustained learning and adapt to the constantly changing technologies through higher studies, professional development and self-study.
  • Have technological skills, soft skills and social skills towards Industry readiness and for contribution to society.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and creativity through innovation and research.
  • Have professional ethics, good communication and leadership capabilities for continued success in life.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Students shall have knowledge and skills in Electrical and Electronics fileds so as to grasp engineering trade-offs, analyze, design, and synthesize data and technical concepts to form products and solutions for the real life problems.
  • Students shall have competence to take challenges associated with future technological issues associated with green energy, energy harvesters, energy conservators, energy cells, ocean energy, smart grid, wire-less energy transmission etc.

About Department

Electrical Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields which generally deals with the study and application of energy- generation, transmission and distribution, electrical motors and drives, measurement, control and automation. The mission of the department is to offer quality instruction and undertake scholarly research that engages each student in a challenging electrical engineering education and prepares graduates for the full range of career opportunities in the high technology marketplace, enabling them to reach their fullest potential as a professional and as a member of society. It is also one of the most challenging branches with a blend of challenging subjects like Engineering Mathematics, circuit and networks, power system, Control Systems, Power Electronics and drives, Switchgear and Protection, Renewable energy etc.

Electrical Engineering has a wide scope in today’s industrial requirement era as without energy survival of anything is not possible. Due to diversities in industry requirement electrical engineering has been subdivided into various specializations like High Voltage Engineering, Power system engineering, renewable energy and technology, control and automations, power electronics and drives. Each of these fields of Electrical Engineering has its own relevance and role in the industry.

The department also offers Post Graduate programs in Electrical Engineering (Power System), Electrical Engineering (Power electronics and electrical drives) and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle.