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The vision of department of the Civil Engineering is to become a premier provider of excellent civil engineering education and to produce ethical, innovator and integrated technocrats who care for nature too along with development.


  • Educate graduates with strong basic and advanced technical knowledge of all civil engineering subjects.
  • Inculcate positive and humanistic attitude amongst the graduates being the futuristic assets of the global community and develop good leadership qualities.
  • Encourage industry-institute-interaction activities for enhancing research, entrepreneurship and placement opportunities.
  • Serve the construction industry; civil engineering profession and rural community through dissemination of knowledge and technical services.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • To graduate the students with first class undergraduate degree in civil engineering.
  • To equip the students with technological and soft skills (Industry readiness/ life and social living).
  • To promote entrepreneurship, innovation and research.
  • To promote next level education (Technology, Management, Art, etc.)
  • To assist and meet expectation in placement of students with expected industries.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Applying the Civil Engineering Principles and using suitable software to analyze, design, preparing drawings, reports and estimates for Civil Engineering Structures.
  • Ability to conduct field and laboratory tests as per the Indian Standards for different Civil Engineering Materials.

About Department

Civil Engineering deals with creating designs, constructing and maintaining physical structures including rails, roads, bridges, buildings, dams, etc. Civil Engineering is one of the highly critical engineering domains where a perfectly built structure can facilitate people with much comfort but a minor mistake made by an engineer can take away hundreds of lives in seconds. So, deep knowledge and perfect understanding of the concepts and requirements of civil engineering is highly desirable. This perfection in learning starts with the search of a good engineering college whose only aim is to produce highly skilled professionals with adequate knowledge and competency. MEFGI, the Best Civil Engineering College in Rajkot end up this search by providing highly quality and reliable teaching and training curriculum and facilities to the students.

Among the Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Rajkot, MEFGI enjoys its name as the the Top Engineering College in Rajkot that is primarily dedicated towards the consistent growth of the students at Marwadi. The department has an objective to facilitate students with the best of the knowledge as strong fundamentals of all the core subjects along with their practical knowledge enhancement.

The department offers, an undergraduate and a post graduate degree program. The master degree has a specialization in structures. As real assets to the department and the Marwadi foundation, a dedicated team of more than a dozen highly qualified and effusive teachers, inclined towards the sincere efforts to impart the teaching and learning process for the better and best understanding of the concepts for the students.

The department has well equipped laboratories, namely mechanics of solids, structural analysis & software labs, concrete technology lab, soil mechanics lab and surveying lab. The state of art infrastructure including high speed internet facility keeps the students well in advanced for various fields. The digital library resources provide large no. of online journals including ASCE to be in the main stream of research at par with the globe. The department has an up to the mark research facilities to carry out the practical and experimental based study in the field of concrete technology and structural analysis & design. For the academic growth of the teachers and students in technical field, the institute is associated with the ISTE and IEEE as a life member. The department also offers its services to the society by introducing a project and consultancy cell which is responsible for a qualified and result oriented testing of materials and structural systems. The department is to set a highest vertical goal of successful teaching and learning process for the overall growth of the student fraternity at MEFGI campus.