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Communication Skills

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Department of Communication Skills is a dynamic department having 15 faculty members from heterogeneous backgrounds so far as experience and educational qualification are concerned. The department caters to Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of P.G. Studies and Faculty of Computer Science by dealing subjects prescribed by GTU such as: Communication Skills, Communication and Research Skills and Contributor’s Personality Development. The Department has designed and devised a special course “Proficiency in English” for the students of Engineering. To diversify, the Department has also initiated French and Spanish courses. Faculty members employ innovative methods and advanced ICT tools to cater to the students’ needs in terms of Communication Skills. Department of Communication Skills has also introduced a journal, faculty forum, departmental blog, Facebook page and Newsletter.

Every student seeking high salaries and a successful career need to be equipped with two essential traits: Technical skills and Soft skills. Well groomed personality is an essentials part of an engineer that should be taken care of in a highly sophisticated manner. The art and way to talk and walk puts a deep impression on the audience and helps in creating a long relationship with them that would result in high success rate, when done carefully in the right manner. Soft skills include speaking, listening, behaving, gestures and several other important aspects that, when gained perfectly, can take an engineering to new height of success with high rate of liking by the employers as well as society.

MEFGI – The Top College Rajkot understands the global demand of these essential traits. With the aim of creating worthy professionals for the industry, this top engineering college Rajkot has set up an independent department for Communication Skills where experienced faculty members are hired from heterogeneous backgrounds having diversified knowledge and exposure. The communication skills are groomed in adherence with the curriculum prescribed by GTU for various subjects like Communication Skills, Contributor Personality Development and Communication & Research Skills. Extra efforts are also made by adding up a course of Proficiency in English for the students of engineering so that they can perform better in their interviews and job proposals. French and Spanish courses are also introduced to add on multi language competency in students. ICT tools are also used on a large scale to facilitate students with better learning and confidence building opportunities.

Thus, the top engineering college Rajkot provides ample of facilitated learning and job opportunities through industry oriented teaching and training in all aspects.


International Journal: [IJHTE] International Journal of Humanities In Technical Education