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Communication Skills Message HOD

The significance of communication proficiency in English is known to all. Particularly, in view of the employability concerns, Communication Skills assume vital importance. Students armed with effective communication skills can stand out and carve out a bright career for themselves. But teaching communication skills to students who come from diverse backgrounds is a tall order. It calls for research and sufficient training on the part of faculty members to bring about a change in the students’ attitude and aptitude with respect to communication skills. It is pertinent to note that the use of technology has a particular role to play in the entire process of teaching and learning of language in the 21st century. At a time, when the learning takes place not only in classroom but also beyond the classroom through unconventional tools and methods, the Department of Communication Skills will require to re-invent itself to re-define its objectives and modes of functioning. It is not necessary but, in fact, inevitable as the 21st century engineering student is awaiting a meaningful and fruitful experience of proficiency in communication skills with respect to his employment and life at large.

Dr. Sunil Sagar
Head, Dept. of Communication Skills, MEFGI, Rajkot