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Communication Skills Events

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Movie Review Presentation

Most of the youngsters love watching movies in general and English movies in particular. Hence, the opportunity to express their love for movies was given. As a part of English Day celebration at Marwadi University on Monday, October, 03, 2016 Department of Communication Skills invited the entries for Movie Review Presentation. In all there were 16 entries for Movie Review Presentation out of which 7 made their presentations on the English Day.

Public Speaking Contest

Keeping in mind that Communication Skills in English is very critical for students’ employability and professional success, Department of Communication Skills, MEFGI has decided to celebrate English Day on first Monday of every month. The first edition of English Day was held on October 03, 2016. As a part of this unique initiative, Department of Communication Skills organized various competitions like Public Speaking, Poetry Recitation, Movie Review Presentation, Story telling etc. to promote c

Spelling Bee

As a part of English Day celebration, the Department of Communication Skills organized various competitions like Public Speaking, Poetry Recitation, Movie Review Presentation etc. of which Spelling Bee was also a part. In all, 72 students had registered; out of which 50 students were present at the venue (MA 306). The event was co-ordinated by Mr. Bhautik Limbani and Ms. Anviksha Shukla, and it was judged by Ms. Pooja Shukla.

Samvad :A Faculty Forum

In the knowledge century, discourse is the defining aspect of creation, dissemination and celebration of knowledge. In the case of education, discourse assumes even deeper significance because education is primarily and fundamentally the site for knowledge exchange. The quality of the knowledge exchange rests on the dialogue and discourse of the teachers engage in and inspire in their students. In the 21st century, teachers need to engage in discourse over the key issues of the domain unlike eve

Essay Writing Competition

As a part of Engineer’s Day Celebration on Thursday, 15th September, 2016, an Essay Writing Competition is hereby announced for the students of 1st, 3rd, and 5th Semester of all engineering branches.

French Club

The Department of Communication Skills has launched French language courses for the students of MEFGI. At present Level - 1 offered to the students and there are three batches launched in the moth of September, 2015.

Faculty Forum

Department of Communication Skill has a thrust of discussion and dialogue among the faculty members as regards the key issues of the domain.

Youth Festival

Department of Communication Skills actively coordinates the GTU Rajkot Zone Youth Festival