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Faculty of Engineering

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Imparting the technological education at three different levels like primary, secondary and tertiary is the unique ideology of the Marwadi Education FoundationThe vision of the Foundation is to facilitate the student community with high standards and value - oriented traditional teaching with the synergy of modern techniques. We aim towards making every student from Foundationto be a true asset for the Nation and a noble human being for the world across nurtured with the technological versatility.

The Institutes at Marwadi are transiting at the jet speed to become at par with the global technological educational institutes.
Civil engineering being one of the core and most fundamental engineering branches is fully dedicated towards the same teaching and learning philosophy of the Foundation. We take it as our moral and social responsibility to imbibe the state of art technological information to be forwarded to the student fraternity of Civil engineering. In the modern world of construction where we witness every day as a day of a new construction method, material and skill, it is very much important to forward the same to the students by means of latest teaching aids and by providing an equal and proper learning platform. Hence with a team of dozen of highly qualified and experienced faculty members we offer the most enjoyable and effective learning to all the students.
As for the most near future plans to be sketched, we are looking forward to establish the American Concrete Institute - India chapter at the MEFGI. The state - of - art testing laboratory and Computer lab for the structural analysis are the key features of the department.
The Department proudly offers the learning verticals as Post Graduate Program of the Foundation with the specialization in Structural Engineering. The graduate scholars enrich and shine their edges of knowledge by receiving the state of art knowledge from the highly qualified and dedicated faculty members.
Students, enjoy the regular industrial visits based on their curriculum and scope of the study. That's why; Marwadi has been the first choice since last couple of years in Civil Branch along with all other branches in the entire region. As a result we - the faculty also rejoice an enriched learning mass and remain well tuned and energized for the challenges to be overcome. Civil engineers are always at work to build the safe and stable habitat for the mankind and at Marwadi we are committed to carve the future in the class rooms and labs. 
With best wishes
Dr. Ankur Bhogayata
Head, Dept. of Civil engineering, MEFGI, Rajkot

Faculty of Technology

Civil engineering is about community service, development, and improvement - the planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life, ranging from transit systems to offshore structures to space satellites.
Civil engineers are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of pollution, traffic congestion, water management, community planning, urban redevelopment including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.
The future as a nation will be closely tied to space, the environment, and our ability to interact with and compete in the global economy. One, as a civil engineer, will perform a vital role in linking these themes and improving quality of life for the 21st century. As the technological revolution expands, as the world's population increases, and as environmental concerns mount, skills as a civil engineer will be needed.
There is no limit to the personal satisfaction you will feel from helping to make our world a better place to live. Whatever area you choose, be it design, construction, research, teaching, or management, civil engineering offers you a wide range of career choices for your future.
Here, at Marwadi Department of Civil Engineering offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Dedicated, qualified and experienced faculties are the backbone of the department and they believe in effective teaching. The department's existing infrastructure facilities include various laboratories with state-of-the-art instruments for effective learning.
Besides quality teaching and instruments, the Department likes to be involved in basic and applied research and consultancy and to provide technical advisory support through various R & D projects and consultancy to various organizations.
Our objective is not to merely produce professionals capable to serve their own needs but understand the importance of their responsibility to serve as a Civil Engineer to the society with great concern for human values.
welcome all the students to join us the journey of quality education and to have a great learning experience with great infrastructural facility and dedicated & caring team of faculties.
With best wishes
Dr. Tarak P. Vora
Head, Dept. of Civil engineering (FOT), MEFGI, Rajkot


Faculty of PG Studies & Research

I heartily welcome the reader on this page. Profession of Civil engineering is dealing with the basic needs of the people like food, water, transportation and shelter. We are proud of sufficing these needs of the society efficiently. While constructing and designing these facilities we take care of human requirements & emotions.
Further, A teacher is the person who...
1. Imparts knowledge
2. Creates skills
3. Develops positive attitude
4. Nurture the student for better career
5. All over building a good character of a student.
The combination of (Civil engineer + teacher) is our added strength. With the human service as passion and crating wonderful structures as profession we are unique persons to mould your child. With this attitude and passion, I assure you for best education and environment for your child with our institute and department. Our qualified and efficient faculties, stateof- art-infrastructure and above all these, excellent teaching-learning environment will motivate your child to become great successful Civil Engineer.
We adopt humanistic approach of teaching and teacher acts as a mentor of the student which enables student for developing his/her positive attitude and skills along with the knowledge.
We invite you to explore our website for exciting opportunities in the department and contact us if you'd like more information. Waiting for your association! 
Dr. Siddharth G. Shah
Head, Dept. of Civil engineering (FOPG), MEFGI, Rajkot