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The world is facing severe deterioration in environmental quality as perturbed by anthropogenic activities. The natural resources are being depleted like anything and environment is being polluted in every aspects. So as a whole, we are experiencing an imbalanced condition as per ecological integrity is concerned. Now, it is our prime importance and utmost priority to deal with the condition in judicious way for maintaining ecological integrity and environmental sustainability. Environmental engineers are the promising stakeholders who can contribute and render service to the nation building and overall sustainable development at the local as well as global level.
Environmental Engineering is a multi disciplinary subject. We need to inculcate the basic knowledge of science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and core engineering disciplines like civil, mechanical and computer science to combat any possible environment related issues and problems. So it can be easily assumed that the scope of Environmental Engineering is vast and ample opportunities to work out in every sphere in the society including conservation of natural resources like, forest, energy, food and land.
The prime focus of the Environmental Science & Engineering Department is to provide high-quality education and research concerning environmental engineering issues, as well as to prepare qualified engineering scientists capable of contributing in the measurement, assessment, and treatment of problems caused by human intervention in the environment. We are also looking forward to cultivate creative and advanced engineers who can contribute substantially for the restoration and protection of our fundamental living place, the earth, based on their highly developed engineering backgrounds and technical disciplines.
As per the career sectors are concerned, there are ample opportunities for the environmental engineers in the sector of Government organizations like State Pollution Control board, Department of Energy & Environment, Department of Forest and Environment, other Government and Public sector organizations. Environmental Engineers also provide sound technological innovation in managing global environmental issues like Global Warming, Ozone layer depletion with contemporary national policies and legislative measures. Apart from this, the specific role of the environmental engineers comprise of abatement of pollution problems by developing new cost-effective process and technologies, quantification and management of natural resources and above all brings the essence of sustainable development.
I, Mr. Abhishek Gupta, on behalf of the faculties and staff members of the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering bid our best wishes to all the students of Environmental Engineering for their prospective career.
Mr. Abhishek Gupta
Head, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering 
MEFGI, Rajkot