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Exhibition of Robotics parts and Embedded platforms

Events Details

  • DATE :   Friday, November 25, 2016
  • TIME :   12:00 PM to 5:30 PM
  • DAY :   Friday
  • VENUE :   MA102, MEFGI

Embedded Platform Learning & Robotics Club of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is being started to bring experts, hobbyists and learners under a common platform. The club will offer indispensable guidance, workshops and tutorials along with Tools, Equipment, Components and Workspace. We welcome anyone, with or without prior knowledge of Embedded Systems and Robotics, who wishes to be part of this club. It will provide scope to the members to groom and showcase their practical skills and knowledge in the field of Embedded and Robotics.


Approximate 500+ students from various departments like Computer science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instruments and control Engineering, Information technology Engineering, etc…and  had visited the exhibition and learnt about basic parts of any robotic and embedded systems.


Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Mehul Kantaria
Prof. Kumar Anand
Dr. Rajendrakumar Patel

Components and projects

Below listed Projects/models are available in the exhibition.
1. Firebird V Robots
2. Propeller Display
3. IOT based Home automation
4. IR Remote control based Home Automation
5. Temperature sensitive LED
6. Line follower robot
7. Wired robot
8. Model of Robotic arm designed in 3D printer
Below listed components are available in the exhibition.
1. Arduino NANO board
2. IO Board
3. Super capacitor
4. Bluetooth Module HC-05
5. WiFi Module ESP8266
6. RF Module NRF24L01 2.4GHZ
7. Motor Controller L293D & L298N
8. 16x2 Character LCD
9. 5V Steeper Motor REES52
10. Steeper Motor Driver ULN2003
11. Micro Servo Motor SG90
12. Chassis for 4 & 2 wheeler robot
13. Wheels
14. Caster Wheel
15. Line follower sensors CB0009-6
16. Joy Stick
17. Ultrasonic Range Finder HC SR-04
18. DC motors
19. DC Battery 12 V & 7 A
20. GSM/GPRS SIM800 (L)
21. GPS Module M214 Ublox NEO-6M
22. Altimeter 
23. PIR Motion HC-SR501
24. Color Sensor TCS3200 GY-31 TCS230
25. 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer M033 MPU-6050
26. Alcohol/Gas Sensor MQ3
27. Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11
28. Sound Sensor Module
29. Solar Panel
30. Bread board
31. Jumper wires
32. 7-Segment Display
33. Infrared Remote control
34. Multi-color LED
35. Screw Driver
36. Rechargeable cell Envie 2800
37. Rechargeable cell charger
38. AA Battery Holder for 6 cells
39. Multipurpose screw driver box
40. Wire Stripper
41. Soldering iron
42. Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump
43. 7805 IC
44. 7809
45. 7812
46. DC jack battery connector