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Industry visit - Sealand Trucking, Rajkot

Events Details

  • DATE :   Tuesday, September 15, 2015
  • TIME :   09:00AM to 06:30PM
  • DAY :   Tuesday
  • VENUE :   Rajkot

Name of Industry: Sealand Trucking, Rajkot.

Date of Visit: 15/09/2015

No. of students visited the Industry: 52 students

Details of industry:

Sealand Trucking, Rajkot - BharatBenz Dealerships are a gateway to a whole new trucking experience. Customers can expect Business & Sales consulting, customized financing solutions, proactive and speedy service, genuine spares, emergency response everything under one roof. BharatBenz Drivers can also walk into Drivers Lounge which is present in all the dealerships. All the BharatBenz Dealerships have standardized layouts and are equipped with same infrastructure, which provides the customers a holistic and a uniform customer experience.

BharatBenz symbolizes the harmonious confluence of the values, ideologies and spirit of India with the lineage of invention, innovation, and engineering excellence that have led to generations of Daimler’s global leadership. BharatBenz is committed to be an integral part of the advancement of the Indian economy by providing commercial mobility solutions that will accelerate the progress of business in India.

The dealership location is, Sealand Trucking, Rampar-Beti, Kuwadva - Rajkot.