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Industrial Visit at National Academy of Indian Railway, Vadodara

Events Details

  • DATE :   Saturday, August 26, 2017
  • TIME :   10:00AM to 01:00 PM
  • DAY :   Saturday
  • VENUE :   Indian Railway Academy, Vadodara

        Have you ever been in visit were you don’t know what will be exactly going to happened? Same. Thing happened whit us when sir informed us about the visit he told us we are visiting Railway’s academe where engines are kept we thought that we would able to see the engine and working of the rail-engines by such thoughts we set out for the visit from Rajkot 
        We reach at Vadodara in morning there we came to know that the visit will start at 12:00pm thereby we visited Vadodara lovely city we visited city and reached at the academe at 12:00pm 
        When we reached the academe we were taken to a room. We were in a thought that what we thought was not the scenario over there. We entered the room over there we saw different type of model of rail-engine we were taken to another room where there was a setup of train and rail tracks
        Over there the instructor started with the history of train, history with train signal then we moved to the first model of train it was a working modal he demonstrated it he told us about how the mechanical system works at that time  
         Then we moved to next version where we were showed how the how they communicate at that time it was very much tedious process so the next came the bell in which they send signal in code and other has to decode it 
         Then came the phone in which when the station master completes Their talk they click the button and a token is generated this token is tied to the ring and given to the train this token is given to the other train that train gives it to the another station master
          Next we came across the electric system these was very much easy to operate system then mechanical system the whole work is done on the board containing switch then we came across the electrical train and at last we came across bullet train.