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Industrial Visit at Reliance Naval & Engineering, Pipavav

Events Details

  • DATE :   Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  • TIME :   10:30 AM To Time: 04:00 PM
  • DAY :   Tuesday
  • VENUE :   Reliance Defense & Engineering, At PO: Pipavav

Industrial Visit of 6A4 Class at Reliance Naval & Engineering

Basic Information:
Reliance Naval & Engineering has the largest engineering infrastructure in India and one of the largest in the world. RNAVAL is the first private sector company in India to obtain the license and contract to build warship.
RNAVAL operates India’ largest integrated shipbuilding facility with 662M * 65M Dry Dock. The facility houses the only modular shipbuilding facility with a capacity to build fully fabricated and outfitted blocks. The fabrication facility is spread over 2.1 million sq. ft. The shipyard has pre-erection berth of 980 meters length and 40 meters width and 2 Goliath cranes. 
Outcome of the visit:
From this visit, students are able to know how warship and cargo ships are manufacture. Also, how many types of process are involved in the ship manufacturing. Also, what is the order of operation for manufacturing the ship and how it released to the endless ocean. Students also came to know about requirement of different processes for ship building of cargo ship and warship.