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Industrial Visit at Delta Techno cast, Rajkot

Events Details

  • DATE :   Saturday, March 17, 2018
  • TIME :   10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • DAY :   Saturday
  • VENUE :   Delta Technocast, Metoda, GIDC, Rajkot

Industrial Visit of 4TA1(MU) Class at Delta Techno cast, Rajkot


Basic Information:
Delta Techno cast Pvt. Ltd. is an Investment Casting manufacturing company. The company has been established by the promoters of Rajkot based reputed engineering firm 'Patel Machinery Stores' (Diesel Engine Manufacturers since 1963). Delta Techno cast Pvt. Ltd. aimed to serve the industry with high quality casting at competitive rates thus making strong presence in all engineering field. They are fabricating small castings from fractions of grams to 225 Kgs. The maximum dimensions of their castings are 30" X 30".
Outcome of the visit:
From this visit, students learnt about various processes involved in investment casting process. They have observed all process of investment casting. In addition to that they learnt what are the importance of different processes involved in product manufacturing like wax pattern preparation, coating of different material like zircon and sand, Pre-heating of object, moulding process and final assembly of product.