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International Go-Kart Championship 2018

Events Details

  • DATE :   Friday, March 23, 2018
  • TIME :   -
  • DAY :   Friday
  • VENUE :   -

About Event:
LPU SAEINDIA COLLEGIATE CLUB (LSCC) is a student organization of Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar (Punjab) which deals with the mechanical engineering projects. LSCC is affiliated to Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA chapter, an International organization which gives National and International exposure to the engineering students.
International Go-Kart Championship (IGC) is a global student challenge with a mission of encrypting students with technical as well as practical knowledge of manufacturing and building up a Go-Kart vehicle. The mission is accomplished by the ambition of the students to compete globally. This event creates awareness about Formula 1 racing in India, since Go-Karting is its first step. 
IGC is an intercollegiate design & manufacturing competition wherein teams consisting of 8-20 members participate to compete with each other. The campus of LPU provides ample space for an event like Go-Karting to take place. The vehicle is driven by a single driver at a time.
The total of 49 teams had participated in the event. The event had a virtual round where various reports had to be submitted & the capabilities of the students to build a Go-Kart was judged. The event had various static events like Technical Inspection, Design Inspection, Cost Evaluation, Innovation and Business Plan; where the Kart was checked for its rules & safety, design considerations, cost optimization, new concepts and marketing strategies of students to sell the Go-Kart in bulk respectively. 
The event also had various dynamic events viz. Egress Test, Engine Safety Check, Brake Test, Skid Pad Test, Acceleration Test, Autocross and Endurance Race; where the Kart was checked for fast ejection of driver from the Kart during emergency, proper working of the engine, ability to stop in a short distance, manoeuvrability by performing figure of 8, acceleration for performance, all the abilities at a time and strength of the Kart while racing with other karts for 90 minutes respectively.
The judges from Maruti Suzuki & other reputed companies analysed the Kart and students on various parameters viz. build quality, designing skills, manufacturing skills, creative minds, marketing strategies, presentation skills, etc.
About Achievement:
The students of Marwadi Education Foundation from Mechanical, Automobile and Electrical department participated in the LSCC IGC 2018 under the guidance of Mr. Dhaval Anadkat with the team name Feisty Squad, team ID 18048 and Kart no. 38. The team was led by two ex-participants of Effi-cycle 2016 viz. Hardik Godhani (Captain) (8EA3) and Faizan Rana (Vice-Captain) (8TH1) with their great experience. The team had other final year student’s viz. Madhav Mendapara (8TH1), Dhwanil Mehta (8TA2), Sneh Boriya (8TA2), Vaibhav Savjadiya (8TE1) and Hardik Dangar (8TE1) who applied their skills & knowledge with a lot of learning for the success. The team also comprised of pre-final year students viz. Shubham Joshi (6A3), Kishan Parsaniya (6A2), Vivek Kanjariya (6A2), Vaibhav Ranpara (6A3) and Aman Sharma (6A1) who applied their knowledge and also were trained for events to lead in the future. All the team members performed at their extreme best level to compete against other teams of IGC.
The students of Marwadi College (Team FEISTY SQUAD) secured 16th Rank in India in the LSCC IGC 2018 event held at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.
On this occasion, Shri Jitubhai Chandarana (Vice Chairman, MEFGI), Dr. Y. P. Kosta (Provost-Marwadi University), Dr. R. B. Jadeja (Dean, FOE), Dr. R. L. Jhala (Dean, Marwadi University), Dr. Sarang Pande (Dean, FOPG), Prof. Nikunj V. Rachchh (HOD, Mechanical), Prof. Bhavesh K. Kanabar (HOD, Mechanical), and Prof. Amit Sata congratulated Mr. Dhaval H. Anadkat (Assistant Professor & Faculty Advisor, LSCC IGC) and team Feisty Squad for this great achievement.