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Expert Talk on Industrial Metallurgy

Events Details

  • DATE :   Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • TIME :   10:00 AM To Time: 12: 00 Noon
  • DAY :   Wednesday
  • VENUE :   Seminar Hall (A), PG Building, MEFGI Campus

Expert Name: - Mr. Rajesh Trivedi
Company: - Freelancer
Subject: Industrial Metallurgy
Basic Information:-
Mr. Rajesh Trivedi is providing Metallurgical Solutions to industry. He has 37 years of industrial experience in the field of industrial metallurgy. He did his B.E. in Metallurgy from M. S. University, Baroda in the year 1979. Since then to till date he worked with various industries as employee and consultant
Outcome of the talk:
Students of 3rd semester came to know about latest trends of material science. On the other hand, scope of material science in different industrial sector has also been discussed by expert. Moreover, through this expert talk student were motivated to think out of the box.