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We at MEFGI aim at not only educational betterment but all round development of the student. The best paradigm of this can be seen in the magnificent selection of our student’s selection in the International team of Minifootball.

Secured 7th position in design in entire ASIA PACIFIC around the country

The American society of Mechanical engineers (ASME) conducts an event termed as the Human Powered Vehicle challenge (HPVC) internationally, once a year. HPVC encompasses the designing and manufacturing of an automobile, which solemnly works on the power generated via human effort. This year it was hosted by LNMIIT University (Jaipur) at Asia-Pacific level. The team from Marwadi University was given a surfeit of knowledge by Professor Nirav S. Doshi (Assistant Professor).

Secured a place in top 15 teams out of 112 teams

Robotic Contest (ROBOCON) is the biggest Asian robotics event organized by ABU (Asia-pacific Broadcasting Union) and its member countries including Doordasrshan (Prasarbharati) of India. ROBOCON is organized every year in different countries and with different themes. ABU ROBOCON India, is an Indian contest of the International ROBOCON event. In the competition, the designed robots have to compete so as to complete a given task within a set period of time. This year the theme was about Japanese

Achievements by Prof. Apurva Indrodia

1.Gold Medal from Gujarat Technological University in Master Degree. 2.Gold Medal For University Ranker Award in Bachelor Degree. Appreciation/Recognition achieved : GTU Sponsored Gold Medal for Branch Topper in 2014. Appreciation by Chairman Of Marwadi Education Foundation.

Award received by Mr. Ramesh Bhoraniya for Best technical paper.

Award - Best technical paper  Conference – 15th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (ACFM 2016), Kuching, Malaysia Organizer - Institutes of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)